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What You Need To Know About Barndominiums


It may be that you have never heard the term “barndominium” before. At least, that would have been the case had not a certain Texas-based TV show brought about its popularity in recent years. Since then, this alternative domicile has taken the world by storm, giving folks a new way of looking at how to live their best life without having to settle for the same old plain-Jane house.

As the name suggests, a barndominium is a combination of the words ‘barn’ (specifically, the aesthetic) and ‘condominium’ (the interior). In most instances, these words would seem to have nearly nothing in common as each stirs up images on opposite sides of the living quarter scale. However, this type of combination is nothing new. Sprucing up areas deemed for a specific application to serve as a place to live is actually quite common. Small loft apartments built above garages, refinished basements turned into mother-in-law suites with separate entrances, it’s all been done before.

The difference with barndominiums is that their aim was to bring together both working, and living, environments. While the concept itself may not have caught on for a modern audience, elements of the floor plans certainly caught people’s eyes. The open nature of the space was very welcoming, akin to the open office vs. the cubicle concept. Furthermore, because of the vastly different construction process involved with barndominiums, erecting the structure requires less time. This, of course, translates into savings, an important factor for anyone operating off of a very strict budget.

Still, even as the popularity of barndominiums is at its highest, people have plenty of questions, so here are a few things worth knowing:

  • These structures are mostly made out of steel panels on a steel frame, making them incredibly durable. Also, they can come in a variety of sizes.
  • Customization is always an option. While some companies are able to sell kits or even provide assistance with more complex designs, they are essentially helping build steel buildings rather than living quarters.
  • Pricing for barndominiums is not much more than a traditional home, making an initial investment no less risky than a regular mortgage. What’s more, these structures are energy-efficient, utilize space quite well, and are fairly low maintenance over the course of their lives. All told, the overall financial impact of this modern take on housing is quite low.

One final thing worth remembering when it comes to barndominiums is making sure that all things are taken into account regarding building permits and not running afoul of one’s HOA. Governing agencies have strict guidelines that need to be adhered to before any kind of build takes place. However, this does not have to be the start of a less-than-ideal situation.

Prospective homeowners may find that when they have specific guidelines to follow for a barndominium, it will help them narrow down choices when trying to find the right construction company for the project. Finding a company that has years of experience will be crucial to attaining success. It is also important that the prospective company has a dedication to customer service and satisfaction from start to finish.

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