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The Step-by-Step Guide To Home Remodeling


Hardly a day goes by when an evening news segment does not mention the ebbs and flows of the housing market and how no one can find a home anywhere. As such, experts have started waxing poetically about the wonders of home remodeling as a way of taking one’s existing space and turning it into something truly special. Moreover, real estate insiders have noted that with the right touches, the best remodeling projects can add major value to a home when the time is right for them to hit the market.

Over the last 20 to 25 years, entire cable networks have been built around providing access to the layperson as to what goes on during a remodel. Sometimes it involves one room. Other times, it is a full gutting of a home. In either case, audiences have become much more comfortable with the nomenclature associated with home construction than ever before.

They have also become very aware of the difficulties that come with remodeling projects, especially when it comes to the unexpected.

It is for this, and so many other reasons, that many homeowners feel a bit unsure of whether a remodeling project is worth their time, effort, or money. In the end, this uncertainty keeps many from moving forward with any changes and simply adapting to what is currently in their homes. Given the state of some modern construction practices, this means that many are working with contractor-grade lighting, flooring, and bathroom fixtures that are rudimentary at best.

A home is meant to be a welcoming environment. Settling because of uncertainty is just not going to cut it. So, whether a remodeling project is specific to one room or the entire home, it is a project worth putting into motion with one major caveat — there must be a plan.

Here is a basic step-by-step guide:

Creating A Budget — Knowing the amount of financial flexibility one has for a project from the start is vital to keeping spending on track. Homeowners should make notes about their remodeling needs and wants so as to have areas where they may be able to compromise as budget dictates. It is also important to factor in contingency expenditures because things always come up that are unplanned during the construction process.

Planning and Design — Working with the right construction company will be key to getting the best plan in place for the planned project. Homeowners need to be sure to mention design flaws in the current floor plan, as well as anticipated changes down the line. The best construction companies have design teams that can help keep work and living spaces feel modern and contemporary.

Demolition — Hauling off materials is not only part of labor costs and demolition can also be dangerous.

At this point, there will be installation of internal features like electrical, plumbing, and other services pertinent to the space. General clean-up will take place as work makes its way down to floor level. This top-to-bottom approach makes the most sense as it ensures that flooring will be free from any damage.

In the end, it is important for homeowners to do research on prospective remodeling contractors. Do not be afraid to interview them multiple times as necessary. Finally, get all things in writing, including pricing and length of project.

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