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5 Important Factors To Consider For A Home Remodel


Knowing when to embark on a home remodel project can be quite difficult. For a number of years, there was a considerable amount of growth in the amount of money being spent by consumers on remodeling projects. However, less-than-ideal financial forecasts, coupled with up-and-down housing market trends, have brought about the first notable decrease in home remodel spending in quite some time. With so much uncertainty in the air, it does beg the question — is focusing on a home remodeling project the best choice right now?

The answer is a resounding it depends.

Any type of home improvement work to be done needs to have some sort of purpose, a goal one wants to reach. The ins and outs of the work being done need to accomplish something. As such, the first major factor to take into consideration for a home remodel is to establish a plan/design. This means establishing clear ideas of wants and needs. It also may mean focusing on smaller projects rather than taking on a massive whole-house renovation. One way of thinking about things is to push for increased efficiency from the finished work rather than just having a different look.

Other major home remodel considerations include:

Establish A Budget — Most would argue that this should be first on the list. Knowing the extent of a project’s budget before work starts will be crucial to keeping finances on track. This means pricing out the cost of labor, materials, and other expenses. It is also important to include a contingency budget as part of the planning. Demolition often reveals unseen issues that need to be addressed prior to any work being allowed to legally move forward.

Potential DIY Elements — The last few years have thrown a bit of a wrench into the traditional home remodel approach. The global pandemic caused labor shortages, supply chain hiccups, and sharp rises in material costs, all of which made construction expensive. As such, homeowners decided to take on more projects themselves. This do-it-yourself renaissance has also been fueled by nearly a quarter century of television programming emboldening the average person to not be afraid of being handier around their home.

Many homeowners have actually saved thousands of dollars by doing their own demolition and haul-off, as well as their own drywall, flooring, and trim work. However, one’s mileage may vary as DIY work can go very wrong very fast. Construction experts warn that if a job seems a bit too big, hiring a professional is the better bet. Should something go wrong, more money will be spent correcting the mistakes along with the original work intended.

Thinking Ahead — It is important for homeowners to think about the potential impact a home remodel project will have on the household. For example, if a family home only has one bathroom and is being expanded to offer more facilities, it is a worthwhile investment. Question — where will the family have access to a working bathroom in the meantime? Other things to consider are the impacts of interruptions to services, as well as dust and other particulates in the air making staying in the home unhealthy.

Finally, the most important factor to consider for a home remodel in central Texas is working with the right construction company. T. Locke Construction brings more than two decades of experience to provide our clients personalized attention, a commitment to excellence, and complete satisfaction. Let us show you what makes us different through a free, no-hassle consultation today.