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5 FAQs About How To Upgrade Your Home


Whether you are looking to upgrade your home in North Austin, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s that time of year to start looking around and wondering if your home measures up. Why? Well, with the holidays fast approaching, family and friends will soon be coming in and out of your home on a regular basis. They will be staying the night in spare bedrooms, using guest bathrooms, and for some, utilizing kitchen facilities separate from the main cooking area of the home. In other words, you’re about to have visitors exploring your home!

Needless to say, making sure that your home looks good is a big deal. But upgrading your home is not a small feat. It takes careful planning, not to mention a decent amount of time to make sure the proposed changes are actually worth it. Of course, trying to make upgrades right before the busy holiday season essentially eliminates the whole time consideration. However, it doesn’t mean that home upgrades of consequence can’t still occur.

Starting any kind of home project can be anxiety-inducing, especially for the inexperienced. Naturally, this means there will be questions galore regarding home upgrades. Some of the most commonly asked include the following:

What is the cheapest way to upgrade my home? For the homeowner who wants to pinch every penny yet wants a two-page spread in Architectural Digest, there’s an easy way to spruce up any space in your home for little money — better lighting and fresh paint.

Is there actually value in an upgrade? Absolutely! For many first-time homeowners, it’s a chance to take their older ‘starter’ home and make little changes so that it feels a bit more modern. For the growing family, taking poorly or underutilized space and making it work for expanding brood is a great way of eliminating the need to have to buy a new home when there’s no need. And still for others, the right kind of upgrades can allow them to make their mark on what has been a crazy real estate market in recent years.

Does a home upgrade matter more inside or outside the home? There was a time when the idea of ‘curbside appeal’ was the main selling point for a home. However, in the last quarter century or so, more prospective homeowners have started paying attention to little details in the home. Things like updated lighting fixtures, modern appliances, and hardwood flooring are now part of home buying ‘must haves’ for many.

What should a starting point be for my budget? This is a tough question as it can vary between homeowners and home upgrade projects. It also happens to be the most asked question of all. The best advice is to make any budget realistic. Money is ALWAYS an object. Also, Be sure that you have first, second, and even third choices available for materials should things come up. Most importantly, always leave some room in your budget for a contingency plan. Demolition of existing structures almost always uncovers something unforeseen that will likely cost money to fix.

Aside from the budget, though still related, the other major question that gets asked is one pertaining to money — when can I expect a return on my investment? This is where working with a truly great construction company makes all the difference in the world. Here at T. Locke Construction, our goal is to  help you upgrade your home in North Austin and throughout central Texas in such a way that the return on your initial investment is immediate.

We’ve built our reputation on transparency, excellence, personalized service, and attention to detail. Touch base with our team today for a free, no-hassle consultation.