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7 Things To Do Before Starting a Home Remodeling Project


Many folks have made it a point to take the last few years and start turning their homes into spaces they wanted versus those that simply worked for them. Surprisingly enough, when it comes to either full or partial home remodeling, Austin and other central Texas cities and towns have been some of the leading areas where this trend has seen the biggest uptick. What’s more, there are no real signs of the trend slowing down anytime soon.

Then again, the home remodeling trend is seeing the same fervent popularity everywhere. Starting in spring of 2020, everyone started finding themselves at home much more often than before. In one fell swoop, homes became schoolhouses, offices, boardrooms, and gyms. With so much time spent in the same space, everyone had more time to start looking around and notice everything that needed to get fixed or changed.

Of course, it bears noting that home remodeling is a trend that is as old as home ownership itself. Even in the age of custom home builds, homeowners have often found ways to push their existing spaces to new heights. They have been spurred on by the needs of a growing family, shifts in recreational activities, and/or the support of multigenerational households.

No matter the reason, home remodeling in all of its forms has been, continues to, and always will be, an inherent part of owning a home. The toughest part about this is that there is no guide book to help in the planning process. How/Where does one even start? Is it the right call to start in the first place? Much of the early planning phase of the home remodel is asking many questions. But it is important to not be alarmed by this. Being inquisitive means that proper thought is being given to what is going to be a major endeavor.

That said, if a home remodeling project is on the horizon, here are a few steps to take prior to starting the actual project:

Establish Budget — Break down exactly the amount of money that will be allocated for a home remodeling project, no matter the size. You may have to cede certain elements, but a budget will keep things in check.

Needs — ‘Remodeling’ is a term that often gets used when opting for wanted amenities and surroundings. A better and more useful approach to remodeling may be addressing needed upgrades in one’s home.

Align Space with Ideas — Even when a look is chosen, take the time to see if it actually would work with the space. Paint samples can be taped to the wall to see if they are as appealing before actual painting takes place, for example.

DIY — Labor is an expensive part of any home remodeling project. As such, many homeowners find ways to DIY work in order to save money. This can include demolition, changing out light and bathroom fixtures, as well as tile and grout work.

Create a Plan to Vet Contractors — There will be the difficult task of finding the right contractor to do the work. This means vetting them in a number of ways. Establish interview questions about their experience and number of projects specific to the type you have in mind. Read online customer reviews and look over professional review platforms like the Better Business Bureau.

Make Plans for Time Period — Depending on what kind of project it is, the inhabitants of the home may be greatly impacted. This means having to redirect cooking, sleeping, and recreational arrangements around an active construction site. Think ahead as to what might be the best course of action to avoid injury.

And finally, ALWAYS factor in contingency plans. Something will always come up during a home remodeling project. It is how one moves forward from these blips that will underscore the overall success of the work. If you’re considering home remodeling in Austin, T. Locke Construction has you covered. We bring years of experience and a wide swath of available services to the table. Request a free, no-hassle consultation with us today!