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The Step by Step Guide to Luxury Home Remodeling in Austin


For the last few years, there have been a long list of articles talking about the increasing population of Austin, Texas. In just the last year or so, the city finally made it to the Top 10 in terms of largest cities in the United States. But depending on how you read into that statistic, that could be either good or bad. For those looking to relocate to the area, it could mean having a difficult if not impossible time finding housing before someone else nabs it off the market.

But for those interested in luxury home remodeling, Austin may just be coming into its own at exactly the right time.

The Lone Star State’s capital city has been the epicenter of a massive population shift coming from all points in the country, namely California. As more folks have poured in, the population has started pouring out into surrounding areas. Those that have built homes outside of Austin proper did so to enjoy all that the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Now, they are doing all they can to maintain their little haven away from the rash of newcomers.

And what better way to make one’s already nice surroundings truly heavenly than by embarking on the perfect home remodeling project. Many homes in the area already boast amazing amenities like luxurious swimming pools, spacious decks, and wrap around porches. But luxury home remodeling in Texas is like all other things in the state — you go big.

However, that doesn’t mean you go into the process without a plan. For example:

Budget — No part of a remodeling project starts without having a full understanding of what the budget is from top to bottom. This also includes contingency expenses, as well as any other costs that might be of consequence.

Details — In order to break down contingency plans and other nitpicked costs, homeowners and contractors must hammer out all of the little details that go into any remodeling project. This includes having a second and possible third option for faucet handles based on aesthetics and budget constraints.

Consultations — Notice the plural ’s’. Many contractors will opt for a single meeting with a homeowner and think that is enough. The best home building contractors understand that getting a plan right takes time. Moreover, even if a homeowner can go forward with a so-called ‘luxury’ home remodeling project, it still is an investment. Ensuring that the homeowner is at ease and fully informed at all times of what is happening is paramount to a smoothly-running project.

Timeline — Perhaps the most important step in the luxury home remodeling process is establishing a timeline for its completion. Depending on the scope of the project, a home may be impacted for as long as six months or longer. This could mean family living/sleeping/cooking arrangements will need to be planned out accordingly.

Of course, as part of the consultation process, it is important for homeowners to think about the best ways to remodel their homes. Simply doing more to add square footage is of no use if it isn’t usable square footage. Explore useful additions like bedrooms, outdoor cooking/kitchen space, or going with an open kitchen layout.

Luxury home construction isn’t for the faint of heart. Trust the experts at T. Locke Construction with your luxury home remodeling in Austin. Click here to request a free, no-hassle consultation today.