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How Much Square Footage Should You Add When You Upgrade Your Home in Austin?


If you live in middle of the Lone Star State, you may have been asked the following question:

‘How would you like to upgrade your home in Austin?’

As simple a query as it seems at face value, there is no real easy answer. There is a lot to take into consideration. For starters, what exactly does one consider an upgrade? Also, there’s a big difference between liking/wanting an upgrade on something and being able to afford it. Does one answer the question as though money were no object? Is this within Austin city limits or just outside of the city itself?

These days, upgrading one’s home has more to do with adding square feet to the existing structure. While not exactly a new concept, the ups and downs of the last few years had many folks operating from home more than usual. This new vantage point allowed them to see just how much space they wish they had in certain areas. When living rooms became school houses, gyms, offices, and family spaces, it was clear for many that things had to change at some point.

But there is a very basic question that has to be asked when considering adding square footage during a home upgrade project — how much square footage is best? Truth be told, there are a number of things to take into consideration. For example:

All Projects Are Different — Each room presents its own set of pros and cons. There are theories about whether it is best to build up or down in terms of expansion so as to save the most money. There is also the all-important question of asking whether you’ll be staying in the home for an extended period of time or are looking to sell. Each presents a different set of standards and requirements for return on investment. Plus, you don’t want to start blurring the line of a remodel versus a renovation/upgrade.

Livable Square Footage — There is a difference between total square footage and livable square footage. The latter refers to areas that will be lived in or will be (in general) heated or cooled. ‘Total’ refers to the entire footprint of the structure. While the number of square feet may look impressive on paper, how much of it can you or others use? The last thing homeowners want to do is upgrade their home with a space that doesn’t provide much useful square footage.

Type of Space — The numbers will vary greatly between projects, but it is important to have an idea about what different spaces take up in terms of square feet:

  • bathrooms up to about 100 ft2
  • bedrooms up to about 200 ft2
  • kitchens up to about 300 ft2

Upgrading a home to either meet, or exceed, these figures means having a pretty solid spatial understanding of where the home stands now, not to mention having a pretty good idea of how the change will be beneficial to the home for the foreseeable future.

This is where things really get real. If you are looking to upgrade your home in Austin, it is important to ask why you want to upgrade in the first place. Most custom home builders would do all they could to push you into project territory. But not T. Locke Construction. We have built a reputation on quality work and “Trust Through Transparency”.

Our goal is to make sure that when the time comes to upgrade your home in Austin, it is because our team took the time to make you feel truly ready to move forward. Touch base with T. Locke Construction today for a free, no-hassle consolation today.