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What Custom Home Builders In Killeen Recommend For Your Next Remodel


In a world filled with custom home builders, Killeen, TX wouldn’t stand out as a place many would consider an epicenter for home customization. Since its founding in 1882, the town has been known primarily for its proximity to Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood). Other than that, most folks know Killeen as a small stop between Waco and Austin along the I35 corridor. Suffice it to say, Killeen is much more than that.

In just the last couple of years, Killeen has jumped to the top position as the best housing market for first-time buyers in the United States. Its entire infrastructure has been morphing into a more modern, 21st century city in order to keep up with the times. Having Fort Cavazos nearby and being so close to the metropolitan juggernaut that is Austin has certainly brought about major growth. But trying to keep up has not been easy.

The City of Killeen will be implementing a comprehensive plan dubbed Killeen 2040 that will be crucial in helping shape the direction the city takes over the next twenty years. They have a fairly young population, which works well for the city in terms of trying to put together an overarching plan for the future. This, of course, involves a healthy housing market that is easy to navigate.

For the first-time homebuyer in Killeen, the biggest hurdle is already taken care of in terms of finding a housing market that benefits first-timers. This means that homes are affordable, incomes are healthier, and there are actually enough homes on the market per month to make getting into a home much more likely. But custom home builders want these same first-timers to know that looking at the “starter house” means way more than being a cute fixer-upper.

Take into consideration that in Killeen, the average age of homes is about 25 to 30 years old. That is conservatively one to two generations of home trends that have come and gone. Décor, appliances, landscaping, roofing, it all has changed quite a bit in the last quarter century. This isn’t to say that homeowners during that time haven’t been staying on top of upkeep incredibly well. However, if a homeowner is looking to take on a major remodeling project to address these older, outdated features, the cost will add up very quickly. In some cases, remodeling may end up costing more than building new.

One other thing to consider is the length of time you might spend in the home. If a homeowner is choosing a remodeling project for the sake of selling to take advantage of the burgeoning housing market in Killeen, it means nothing without profit. Spending an arm and a leg for a remodeling project to flip a home that will only get you a small return on your investment is probably not the best move. If you’re choosing to stay in the home for the next few years as you start a family or establish a career or business, investing in the right remodeling project may actually make the home an ideal space and add value to the home.

Perhaps the best advice the best custom home builders in Killeen will recommend for your next remodeling project is to work with the right company. T. Locke Construction of Austin has called central Texas home since Day One. And since Day One, our main goal has been to serve our customer, no matter their goals. Let our team help you find what works best for you.

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